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    Zinc Anodes
    Zinc Anodes

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      Product code: CM-GZA
    • Manufacturer : Galvotec - USA
    • Guarantee : 2 Year
    • Status: Manufacture with your request

    Zinc Anodes

    Zinc Anodes manufactured by Galvotec meet or exceed the industry standards. Zinc Anodes manufactured to the latest Mil-Spec also are covered by the ASTM-418-95 Type I Alloy. Other types of Zinc Anode Alloys manufactured would meet or exceed the latest ASTM-418-95 Type II Alloy.

    Galvotec Manufactures Zinc Anodes for the following applications.

    Zinc Hull Anodes are designed for the protection of various types of vessels such as ships, barges, and tankers. Anodes are available in many configurations including weld-on and bolt-on mounting systems.

    Zinc Ballast Tank Anodes are typically used on tankers and large vessels. Several configurations are offered for various types of mounting options that may include welding or bolting onto the structure.

    Zinc Anodes  for Bulkheads are typically used where Cathodic Protection is required on a wall within the hull of a ship, vehicle, or container.

    Zinc Anodes for Piers and Pilings are typically used around docks and harbors.

    Zinc Bracelet Anodes for pipelines are used in underground, under mud or under seawater.

    Zinc Heat Exchanger and Condenser Anodes are specifically designed for use on heat transfer equipment.

    Zinc Soil Anodes are used where soil conditions require the use of Zinc Anodes such as saline mud below 120 F (50 C). These anodes would protect objects underground such a storage tanks, containers, and buried structures.

    Zinc Anodes for Other Applications may include anode configurations such as plates, disks or other geometries.

    Click here to view our Zinc Anodes catalog in PDF format.